Ad2OKC Membership

Okay, you just clicked on something to find out more about membership, so we're gonna keep this simple: we want you to join. When you join Ad2OKC, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of the sharpest, most motivated young minds in the industry. Seriously - we might be the coolest thing to happen since the invention of Hawaiian Punch. We love the community we live in, and we try to show it with every step we take.


Ad2OKC Membership Diana

To get the most out of your Ad2OKC membership, active involvement is where it’s at. Whether you want to sit on a committee, chair a committee, or become an officer, we’re always looking for a new batch of go-getters to leave their footprints in the sand of Ad2OKC’s Zen garden.

 That said, we do understand what it’s like to be a young professional, thinking you’ve got to sacrifice all your nose-hide to the grind stone. But you’ve only got so much skin on your schnozzola, my friend. Trust us when we say active involvement with Ad2OKC is quite possibly the best thing for your sanity and your career. So join up. Hang out with the cool kids. When you’re ready to rock, we’ll let you have the stage. Rhinoplasty – Boooo! Ad2OKC – Yayyyy!

Membership Advantages and Discounts

Joining Ad2OKC makes you an official member of AAF (American Advertising Federation), which in turn lets you take advantage of tons of great discounts. 

Become a Member

Ad2OKC membership - $85 annually (if your company is worth its salt, ask your boss to pay for your membership. Or at least reimburse you for getting involved.)
Ad2OKC student membership - $50 annually

Fill out the online application or download the paper application. All the info you need to join is there.

Download a copy of our bylaws.