The New Ad2

The New Ad2

Posted by Beth Armstrong on 04/16/2015


It's time for something new.

Since our founding in 2006, Ad2OKC has gone through numerous changes. We’ve gone from four board members to twelve bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young pros on our board of directors leading a group of 40+ members. We’ve changed a happy-hour-heavy schedule with low attendance to a diverse calendar of events including creative workshops, interesting panel discussions, and networking blowouts with other industry orgs.

We took on our biggest public service effort in the 2014-2015 club year when we published “Hope After the Storm” benefiting the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Ad2OKC presented our campaign at the national ADMERICA Conference in 2014 and took home an OKC Gold Addy and District 10 Bronze Addy for our work in early 2015.

Basically, we’re on the rise. Capitalizing on the momentum Ad2OKC is gaining in the community, we knew it was time for a new brand.


Old Logo


While it served us well, the original Ad2OKC logo was tired, outdated, and didn’t reflect the new direction Ad2OKC was taking in connecting young marketing professionals with career development and peer-to-peer networking. We needed something sleek, modern, and simple enough to take us into the future of Ad2.


New Logo


Enter the NEW Ad2 logo. I know… we love it, too.

New Logo - Green  New Logo - Thunder

New Logo - Black