AD 2 OKC Committees

You get what you give. That's all there is to it. Ad 2 OKC has tons of opportunities, but there's one critical first step: YOU HAVE TO GET INVOLVED. In our business, you can't sit around and expect stuff to come your way - you have to go out there and get it! If you're interested in talking to us, we're interested in hearing from you - so get on it!


Come one, come all! The membership committee's sole purpose is to get OKC's young advertising professionals to join Ad 2 OKC. Get people interested with new membership campaigns, collateral pieces and creative ideas. This committee will spearhead the membership drive that launches each year after the new Ad 2 OKC board is chosen. They also work very closely with our local colleges to engage the next generation of communication pros. Be a part of this committee and watch Ad 2 OKC grow.


Money can't buy happiness, but it does pay the bills. We need money to function, and this committee helps us get it. Help plan our annual fundraisers with your ingenious ideas to gather sponsorship, donations, and tangible items. This committee works with events & programs, public relations, and graphics to create campaigns that raise funding for Ad 2 OKC.

Events & Programs

Do your friends tell you that you know how to throw a great party? If so, then this is the committee for you. Events and programs committee members are responsible for planning the best events in town, scoping out the hottest places to patronize and booking the brightest speakers to captivate Ad 2 OKC's attention. Events & Programs will also assist the Fundraising committee in planning the annual fundraising event and auction.



Publicity, publicity, publicity! Communications committee members help spread the word of Ad 2 OKC by writing and disseminating press releases, planning publicity for all events, working with the media to promote Ad 2 OKC as the local club to join and writing copy for all the e-newsletters, flyers, ads, invitations and posters the Design group can throw this way. And once upon a time, the Communications Committee put together all the words for this fancy website. Surely you can do better.

Graphic Design

Show off your talent through Ad 2 OKC's graphic design committee. Graphic design members create all of the design and production for Ad 2 OKC's e-newsletters, web, flyers, invitations and posters.

Public Service

Ad2OKC | Public Service: Hope After The StormEach year, Ad 2 OKC chooses a nonprofit organization to create a full-scale multimedia campaign. Committee members will join together with the general membership to execute this campaign in its entirety. After completion of this campaign, public service committee members will compete with other Ad 2 clubs for the Public Service Award at the annual national AAF conference.