Ad 2 OKC is a group of hard-working, passionate, young communication professionals and students composed of project managers, creatives, marketers and more. 

We specialize in SEO and sarcasm. We work hard and play harder. Each of us loves what we do and draws inspiration from bettering ourselves and those around us. We have a heart for this industry and strive to grow it through networking, professional development and giving back to our community. 

Whether you are a college student figuring it out, or a professional hustler earning your way to your next promotion, you're missing out if you don't join Ad 2 OKC.

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When you join Ad 2 OKC, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of the sharpest, most motivated young minds in the industry. Whether you want to sit on a committee, chair a committee, or just attend our events, we’re always looking for a new batch of go-getters.

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